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  • Impetus Research works with modern CATI centre based across 3 cities in India totalling to 120 seats which are expandable to 150 seats. The CATI centres are complete with automatic dialling, supervisor monitoring, Remote barge-in and call recording facilities.
  • Each of the CATI centre has experienced full time management and supervision staff, along with trained survey research interviewers. CATI interviewers are thoroughly trained on all related Marketing Research aspects before being absorbed on any project.
  • Rigorous project specific training is imparted to the interviewers before they start interviewing. This ensures that every individual in the team is in sync with the project and client expectations.
  • In order to ensure high voice quality the CATI centres use IPLC, VOIP and ISDN telephone lines.
  • For the purpose of data security, we ensure that the CATI team works on thin client platform and all the client samples and data are stored on our central server, which is backed up every 24 hours.
  • Our multi-lingual CATI centre caters to data collection in Americas, Europe, Middle East and APAC regions.
  • We allow real-time interview monitoring and digital recordings for quality and audit purposes. The clients can make use of our remote barge in facility to listen to live interviews as well as recording on-demand.
  • The CATI centres are equipped to handle inbound, out bound & IVR based assignments
  • 24 Hrs power backup at each of the centre ensure that we can be functional round the clock.