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Qualitative Market Research - Data Collection, Analysis & Processing

As a qualitative market research company, Impetus has a pool of highly skilled and experienced Recruiters, Moderators, In-depth interviewers, Mystery Shoppers and Observation specialists to undertake complex qualitative market research projects with ease.

We provide a full spectrum of qualitative marketing research services which include:

  • Focus group recruitment and discussions- Allowing us to help understand the target group/audience, the attention of which the client is trying to garner.
  • F2F, One'o'Ones, Diads, Triad in-depth interviews- this further enables us at Impetus to extract valuable and more accurate information.
  • Telephonic in-depth interviews- Another mode which works better in certain circumstances both according to our client’s requirements as well as their stringent deadlines.
  • Friendship pairs- A more reliant method of collection and analysis of information.
  • Direct observations- Accuracy is non-countered.
  • Game, role play & simulation- A much more interactive way through which we can bring our clients the latest trends in their focused market.
  • Ethnography studies

Since qualitative data collection and analysisrequires a strong physical presence in the country of research, we undertake face to face qualitative research data analysiswork only in India and a couple of other countries through our time tested partner network, however when it comes to telephonic in-depth interviews, our scope is global.

We understand that qualitative data processing is in all respects the first step strategizing for a product and/or service which a commercial or non-commercial organization has on offer. This is the reason we rely only on the expertise our specialists have garnered through their years of work in this field; we also focus on utilizing the most innovative techniques to help our clients secure for themselves a position reserved only for the absolute best.

What else we do in Qualitative Research

In addition to conducting end to end qualitative research we also provide stand-alone services such as:

  • Development of Focus Group Recruitment screener questionnaires
  • Development of Discussion Guides
  • Respondent recruitment for FGDs & In-depth Interviews
  • Moderation of Focus Group Discussions and In-depth Interviews
  • Custom reporting in Word or PPT format
  • Transcription services

While qualitative data collection and qualitative research marketing are some of our core operatives, it is necessary to recognize that the services mentioned above are important aspects which only the best market research companies have on offer. We ensure that our core services and additional offerings together help place our client in a much better position to tend to their consumers. It also allows them to mobilize a larger number of potential consumers.

Impetus Research is one of the leading market research companies in India and we pride ourselves in providing our clients unparalleled service.