Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research

In-depth insights through interactive methodologies, facilitating a nuanced understanding of consumer behavior and preferences.

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Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research is a crucial element in shaping effective marketing and sales strategies for organizations. Our comprehensive quantitative research services encompass multi-mode data collection and analysis. The methodologies we employ include CATI data collection, online data collection, face-to-face data collection (CAPI/PAPI), clinics, CLTs, product placements, sensory tests, store audits, and mystery shopping.
Our interviewers undergo specialized project training and mock interviewing sessions conducted by our training staff, project managers, and clients.

This training ensures interviewer proficiency. We maintain an elaborate rating system, allowing consistent performers to work on projects while retraining those falling short.

At Impetus Research, we prioritize innovation, employing the latest collection methods to ensure accurate results for any campaign or initiative. Our expertise extends beyond quantitative research to offer additional stand-alone services

In addition to conducting end-to-end quantitative research marketing, we also provide stand-alone services to our clients such as:

  • Development of Questionnaires
  • Respondent recruitment for online surveys / CLTs
  • Survey Audits – Quality Audits on data collection done by any other agency
  • Questionnaire Translations in 20 Indian Languages
  • Data Processing
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

For any such stand alone services, think no more, contact our experts at Impetus Research today.