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Where insights ignite innovation Unlocking the  Power of  Insights

Impetus Research
Impetus Research

Marketing Research Services Company in India

Impetus Research is a full service marketing research agency providing Research and Support Services to companies ranging from boutique research agencies to 

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About us
About us

Driving Research Innovation

Impetus Research Private Limited, a leading market research company in India, provides high-quality data collection and analysis services to a wide
range of clients across the globe. Founded in 2006, Impetus Research has become one of India’s most trusted and respected market research companies, providing comprehensive marketing research and public
opinion polling services.

With a robust team of over 500 professionals, we ensure pan-India coverage, catering to diverse urban, suburban, and rural locations. Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality data collection and innovative solutions, making us a trusted partner for over 5,000 projects globally since its inception in 2006


A global leader in innovative market research solutions.


Empower clients with strategic insights for growth.

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Strategic Market Insights

Discover tailored research with Impetus Research’s comprehensive services. 

Data Collection

Meticulous gathering, delivering market insights.

Survey programming

Advanced online tools that are prompt and affordable.

Qualitative Research

In-depth insights and an understanding of consumer preferences.

Quantitative Research

Precision in market potential and guiding strategic decisions.

Translation and transcription

expert linguistic support; seamless communication.

Secondary research

Comprehensive desk research and valuable insights and decisions.

Rural & Social Research

Impactful Studies, Empowering Underprivileged Communities.

Consulting services

Strategic guidance, empowering clients for success.

Explore insights with our  More Services.


Strategic Project Innovations

Achieve precision in estimating market potential through advanced methodologies, providing insightful projections to guide strategic decisions and resource allocation. This ensures market leadership and sustainable growth, giving your business a competitive edge.

Drive product evolution with innovative solutions that integrate market insights and consumer feedback. This dynamic approach results in offerings that meet emerging needs, foster market differentiation, and ensure sustained success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Strategically position your brand for success by cultivating positive perceptions through targeted campaigns, comprehensive studies, and meaningful consumer engagement. We ensure a compelling, resonant brand presence in the market, leaving a lasting and positive impact.