Strategic Market Insights

Delivering unparalleled market research services, we specialize in precise data collection, innovative methodologies, and a commitment to excellence for informed, impactful decisions.

Survey Programming

Impetus Research undertakes simple to complex survey programming involving designing the survey layout, logic, and questions, as well as ensuring the survey is compatible with different devices and browsers helping the data collection teams to collect reliable and valid data from their target audience, as well as analyze and visualize the results quickly, efficiently and with complete data security.

Qualitative Research

Our Highly experienced and respected Qualitative research team explore complex phenomena, such as human behavior, attitudes, experiences, and interactions through multiple methods such as Indepth interviews, focus groups, observations, and document analysis. case studies, ethnography, grounded theory, and narrative research.

Quantitative Research

Our trained teams spread out across the length and width of the country excels in gathering data from a specialized target audience to a large sample of people across the country in multiple Indian languages. We have time tested partners who help us in conducting data collection across multiple countries across the globe. These include large scale public opinion polling, Central Location tests, Sensory Tests, Interviews with specialized target audiences, media and consumer studies.

Sectors We Covered

Government and Social Services


Business Research (B2B)

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Consumer Research (B2C)

Banking and Finance


IT and Telecom

Data collection

Our meticulous gathering of both quantitative and qualitative data ensures precision, delivering insightful market research solutions. We provide comprehensive data that guide strategic decisions and resource allocation effectively.


Data processing and analysis

Ensuring data accuracy and insightful interpretations, our robust processes elevate strategic decision-making, providing a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and trends.

Consulting services

Offering strategic guidance based on extensive market research, we empower clients to navigate the dynamic business landscape successfully. Our consulting services provide actionable insights for informed decision-making and sustained growth.

Translation and transcription

By providing expert linguistic support, we ensure seamless communication by delivering precise translations and transcriptions. Our language services contribute to effective cross-cultural understanding and communication.

Secondary research

Conducting comprehensive desk research, we collate valuable insights from diverse sources to inform strategic decisions, offering a holistic perspective on market trends and opportunities.

Rural & Social Research

With a focus on impactful issues and rich experience, we conduct studies among underprivileged communities, ensuring a positive societal impact through nuanced research methodologies that address key societal challenges.