Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Impetus Research Pvt. Ltd. is a global full-service market research agency providing diverse services to clients worldwide. Our Qualitative Services include.


Impetus Research boasts a longstanding history of conducting ethnographies on diverse subjects and respondent profiles. By leveraging access to top-tier ethnographers in India, we excel at delivering insightful ethnographic studies.

Focus Groups

Our targeted recruitment approach enables a profound understanding of the target audience. Whether virtual or face-to-face, we conduct in-depth focus group discussions (FGDs) nationwide, capturing the essence of the client's objectives.

Observations & Shop Along

Our skilled researchers conduct on-site observational research and one-on-one interviews during consumers' shopping journeys, providing valuable insights into behaviors and preferences.

In-Depth and Key Informant Interviews

Engaging in personal, in-depth conversations with the target audience ensures the extraction of accurate and valuable information, enhancing the quality of our research.

Car Clinics & Automotive Research

Impetus Research has catered to renowned automotive brands such as Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, BMW, and Volkswagen, conducting car clinics and diverse automotive research.

Online Discussion Boards

As a digital alternative to traditional focus groups, our expert qualitative researchers moderate discussions among selected participants for 3-5 days, incorporating digital diaries, audio, and videos

Co-Creation Workshops

Collaborating with leading design institutes and research agencies, we facilitate co-creation workshops—dynamic sessions involving consumers in solving brand challenges, questions, and expectations.

Diary Keeping

Utilizing this research method, we gather qualitative data on user behaviors, activities, and experiences over time. Participants log engaging narratives about their experiences and product usage.